Ion Channels - increasingly enticing targets for drug discovery.

by Dr Douglas Krafte and Deborah Erickson
Summer 2016
Drug discovery focused on ion-channel proteins began generating great value for pharmaceutical R&D programmes more than 30 years ago, giving rise to medicines still important in the pharm...

Reigniting pharmaceutical innovation through holistic drug targeting

By Dr A Roy, Prof B Patwardhan and Dr R Chaguturu
Summer 2016
Modern drug discovery approaches take too long, are too expensive, have too many clinical failures and uncertain outcomes. There are many reasons for this unsustainable business model, bu...

Drug discovery in a multi-omics world.

By Mike Furness
Winter 2015/16
Collectively rare diseases affect millions of people worldwide, but the number of people with any one condition is very small. Finding a cure is difficult as the market is not large enoug...

Therapeutic Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue Part IV: Financial model and analysis.

By David M. Kauppi and Dr Stephen Naylor
Winter 2015/16
There is a growing consensus that Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue (DRPx) impacts all stakeholders involved in the therapeutic drug sector.

When two are not enough: lead optimisation beyond matched pairs.

By Dr Noel M. O'Boyle, Dr Roger A. Sayle and Dr Matt Segall
Fall 2015
Lead optimisation projects progress by making successive enhancements to one or more starting structures. This is a classic multi-objective optimisation procedure where the goal is not on...

The increasing impact of precision research models on drug discovery and development.

Dr Amar Thyagarajan
Fall 2015
Animal models are the standard by which we gain insight into the complex biological processes that underlie normal human physiology and disease states. Rodent models such as rats and mice...

How neutron science has enabled innovation in drug design and delivery.

By Dr Giovanna Fragneto
Fall 2015
Meeting global health challenges, from cancer to viral infections, requires a profound understanding of living processes – not just at the level of cells but right down at the molecular...

Therapeutic Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue Part III market exclusivity using Intellectual Property and regulatory pathways.

By Dr Stephen Naylor, David M. Kauppi and Judge M. Schonfeld
Summer 2015
There is a growing consensus that Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue (DRPx) can impact the prescription drug industry for all concerned stakeholders. In part this is due to the fa...

The many roads to cell death: discriminating between apoptosis, necrosis & autophagy.

By Dr John Abrams, Dr William G. Telford & Louise Rollins
Winter 2014
Cell death is crucial for the proper execution of normal and pathophysiological processes and is ubiquitous in biological systems.

Therapeutic Drug Repurposing: repositioning and rescue

By Dr Stephen Naylor & Judge M. Schonfeld
Winter 2014
The pharmaceutical industry is still beleaguered by escalating costs, stagnant productivity and protracted timelines as it struggles to bring therapeutic drugs to market. This situation h...

Automated patch clamping finally achieves high throughput!

By Dr John Comley
Fall 14
Two new third-generation automated patch clamp (APC) systems capable of high throughput processing (10,000 data points per eight-hour day) and full robotic integration have been recently ...

Ultra-sensitive measurement of protein and nucleic acid biomarkers may enable earlier disease detection and more effective therapies : Winter 06

By Dr Gregory Shipp
Winter 2006
The pharmaceutical industry is striving to develop effective new therapies for diseases, ranging from cancers to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders to a host of metabolic, inf...

Neutron scattering provides unique insights for drug R&D. Fall 10

By Dr Martyn Bull
Fall 2010
Drug discovery and development is a long and expensive process. Techniques, such as computer modelling, that make the search for promising candidates easier are usually taken up enthusias...

Balancing a biologics pipeline portfolio. Spring 11

By Dr Herren Wu
Spring 2011
Research into groundbreaking biologic therapies has significantly shifted the diagnosis and treatment paradigms for many disease categories, particularly in oncology, autoimmune, inflamma...