The Acumen eX3 is a laser scanning microplate cytometer for the analysis of fluorescence in cell-based assays. In addition to offering enhanced multiplexing functionality, Acumen eX3 has a wide field of view that enables whole well and microchannel scanning. The iuvo™ Chemotaxis Assay Plate is a high-content, automation friendly microconduit array plate that facilitates horizontal chemotaxis in the presence of a defined gradient. The combination of Acumen eX3 with the iuvo microchannels results in a rapid and robust approach to neutrophil chemotaxis studies.


This exciting development offers scientists another assay that can be quickly and easily used as part of a primary screening oncology campaign.


Dr Paul Wylie, Acumen Product Manager, TTP LabTech comments, “This has proved a successful combination of products for customers involved with chemotaxis as the Acumen eX3 and iuvo plates offer an efficient alternative to the more traditional microscopy set-up requiring further off-line analysis.” he continued, “Setting up a good gradient often poses a challenge, but the iuvo plates eradicate this issue. The Acumen offers a fast and accurate analysis of the chemotaxis assay and whole well scanning enables multiple cell movements to be captured and analysed within any one well.”


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