High signal intensity means that proteins may be detected using more dilute primary and secondary antibodies, which reduces background noise and reagent consumption.


Amersham ECL Prime is optimized for imaging with ImageQuant™ LAS 4000 (CCD-based imaging) and is compatible with Amersham Hyperfilm™. The reagent is also compatible with Rainbow™ Molecular Weight Markers and Amersham ECL DualVue™ Western Blotting Markers. It is optimized for use with Amersham Hybond™-P (PVDF) membranes and compatible with Amersham Hybond-ECL (nitrocellulose) membranes.


GE Healthcare’s enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) Western Blotting System portfolio provides tools for applications ranging from routine protein detection to multiplex analysis using fluorescence-based Amersham ECL Plex™. The ECL-based detection method negates the need for handling hazardous radioisotopes, and enables faster, more sensitive and more flexible protein analysis.