Accessible online at, the guide provides detailed information on AMSBIO's comprehensive range of Apoptosis Assay kits and reagents for microscopy, flow cytometry, screening and electrophoresis. The guide also enables selection of optimal Apoptosis Assay based on the type of tissue fixation, tissue type and the volume of samples required for measurement.

Apoptosis plays an important role in many physiological and diseased conditions. Detection of apoptotic cells, monitoring cell progression to apoptosis, and developing drugs that regulate the apoptotic pathways are the essential parts of basic research. AMSBIO aims to provide assay kits and reagents for the analysis of apoptotic events at all stages of the apoptotic cascade in different areas of the cell, including the plasma membrane, cytoplasm and mitochondria.

New kits from AMSBIO include a high throughput PARP/Apoptosis Assay for measuring the activity of PARP in cell extracts before and during apoptosis, an Annexin V based kit that enables fast simple detection of apoptosis in living and isolation dead cells and a range of specially designed kits optimized for specific tissues including tumour, neurological, dermatological and cardio tissues samples.

Further information on AMSBIO's range of apoptosis assay kits and reagents may be obtained from or contacting the company on tel. +44-1235-828200 or email

Founded in 1987, AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) is recognized as a leading international provider of unique & innovative products & custom services for life sciences research. The amsbio range includes over 23,000 polyclonal & monoclonal antibodies, peptides, recombinant proteins, extracellular matrix, molecular detection reagents, & tissue DNA, RNA, protein & microarray products. Key research areas include: apoptosis, cell invasion & migration, cell signaling, DNA damage, electrophoresis, glycobiology, posttranslational modification & stem cell biology.