By combining the expertise and screening capabilities of Metrion with Venomtech’s diverse venom collection, knowledge of venom-based drug discovery, hit prioritisation and bio-guided fractionation capability, this partnership aims to identify, and rapidly exploit, novel tools for ion channel drug discovery research.

Venoms are well proven sources of potent and selective ion channel modulators, and have provided the foundation for many ion channel drug discovery programs to date. Metrion will screen a targeted selection of Venomtech’s venom library against a panel of prioritised ion channel targets to search for, identify and characterise new ion channel modulators and binding sites. Venomtech will use phylogenetic and geographical diversity analysis to design and build a targeted venom discovery array.

Dr Andrew Southan, Head of Commercial Operations at Metrion Biosciences said: “The Metrion team is very pleased to add Venomtech to our network of collaborators. Via this partnership we can rapidly explore the UK’s largest venom collection for novel pharmacological tools for use in ion channel assay development, validation and drug discovery research. The results of this partnership could significantly boost the chances of successful drug discovery against our prioritised ion channel targets, and Metrion is looking forward to a highly productive working relationship.”

Steve Trim, Founder and Managing Director, Venomtech, commented: “This is a fantastic opportunity to combine our knowledge and expertise in venom-based drug discovery with the great team at Metrion and their electrophysiology excellence. This combination of skills is set to solve many of the challenges of getting good drugs for ion channel targets.”

About Metrion Biosciences

Metrion Biosciences is a specialist ion-channel contract research organisation and drug discovery business. The Company provides customers with access to a range of high quality ion channel assays on a fee-for-service or collaboration basis. Metrion Biosciences’ specialist ion channel expertise includes an industry leading panel of in vitro cardiac ion channel safety assays, translational native cell and phenotypic assays for neurological and cardiotoxicity testing, and a range of other ion channel screening services such as cell line development and optimisation. Metrion Biosciences is able to provide tailored assay formats, data analysis and reporting solutions, effective project management and quality assured data packages. For more information, see:


About Venomtech

Venomtech is a growing biotech company that is helping to improve human health with the power of venoms. We hold the UKs largest venomous animal library and specialise in providing solutions to drug discovery, cosmetic and crop protection challenges, using venom-derived peptides and other molecules. Using our expertise in venomous animal husbandry and venom biochemistry, we have developed a wide range of Targeted – Venom Discovery Arrays™ and provide a full hit-to-lead / deconvolution service. Our approach has delivered hits, for our drug discovery clients, against many target classes including ion channels, orphan GPCRs and membrane transporters. Along with our cosmetics partner, Mibelle Chemistry (Switzerland), we have recently launched SensAmone P5 (a biomimetic peptide, based on a sea anemone protein) which targets TrpV1 and calms sensitive skin and reduces skin irritation. For more information visit