ProImmune, a leader in services for understanding and managing adaptive immune responses, announced today the introduction of a new antigen database service called ProSentium™, based on in vitro assay results using sequencing mass spectrometry. ProSentium data can show the precise peptide sequences from proteins of interest visible to the body’s own T cell immune system. The data collection covers many high value therapeutic targets and areas including the majority of licensed replacement factor proteins, including clotting factors, replacement enzymes, spanning development areas including oncology, cardiovascular, CNS, immunology, gastroenterology and many orphan diseases.

Under an exclusive or non-exclusive license, the bespoke database service investigates and reports peptide hits against the ProSentium database for a customer’s specific protein or protein family of interest. Results are reported as overlapping nested peptide sets and provide statistically relevant antigen sequence data that can be used to further inform drug development decisions.

Nikolai Schwabe, CEO of ProImmune commented: “ProSentium supports pivotal decision making in drug design and development with the physical evidence required for game changing approaches that target or interact with the immune system. Through our service offering, we are delighted that we can offer this ground-breaking resource to researchers so they can better understand the body’s immune response and bring new therapies to patients. ”

T cells play a critical role in all immune responses, including in fighting infections, cancer and in autoimmunity and in unwanted drug reactions. To understand T cell responses, it is crucial to understand the specific peptide antigens that the immune system recognizes and are presented on the cell surface of both normal and diseased cells. ProSentium data can be readily analyzed and reported, and is fully compatible with ProImmune’s in vitro assay services which can be combined to help investigators gain a more complete understanding of relevant immune responses at a molecular level.

For more information on ProSentium please visit:, email, or call +1 888 505 7765 in the United States or +44 870 042 7279 in other countries.