ProImmune, a leader in services for understanding and managing adaptive immune responses, announced today the introduction of ProM2, a range of Human Class II MHC monomer reagents for tetramer analyses in the study of CD4+ T cell immune responses. ProImmune’s offering represents the broadest choice of ready to order catalog and custom items in this field and will enable research into CD4+ T cell responses in a variety of disease areas including cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmunity and transplantation.

CD4+ T cell responses are at the heart of steering the adaptive immune system directing both cytotoxic T cell responses and antibody responses mediated by B cells. ProM2 Class II MHC Monomers are pre-biotinylated and can be readily made into MHC tetramers that allow the detection of single antigen-specific CD4+T cells accurately by flow cytometry. Class II tetramers made from ProM2 monomers can also be used to separate cells for culture, expansion, and further study.

“The concept of Class II MHC tetramer reagents has been in the public domain for nearly two decades and yet the availability of appropriate class II tetramer reagents is still limited, especially as catalog items,” commented Nikolai Schwabe, CEO of ProImmune. “This is due in part to problems of synthesizing recombinant Class II MHC molecules. We are delighted that our new offering of reagents addresses this and gives researchers access to the broadest range of class II reagents for studying immune responses in many important disease areas.”

ProM2 Class II MHC Monomer reagents are supported by ProImmune’s expert customer service and application support, helping new users in particular to establish and optimize robust protocols in their own laboratories.

The class II reagent offering complements ProImmune’s existing extensive range of services for evaluating CD4+ T cell responses, including ProImmune REVEAL® MHC peptide binding assays, CD4+ T cell and DC T cell proliferation assays and standard immune monitoring services through ELISPOT and flow cytometry based assays.

For more information on ProM2 reagents and their availability*, or to place an order, please visit:, email, or call + 1 888 505 7765 in the United States or + 44 870 042 7279 in other countries.

* ProM2 reagents are not available initially in the UK, Germany, France, Canada and Japan.