Nanofiber Solutions, LLC, a leading regenerative medicine company with a focus on development, manufacture, and commercialization of products used for regenerative medicine and 3D cell culture, today announced that they have updated their 384 well, electrospun fiber plates. This update to the product line offers a broad range of use for high-throughput cell culture, cancer, and stem cell research.

Nanofiber Solutions’ fiber products are unique in that they are designed to more accurately represent the environment found in native tissue. This novel technology is comprised of aligned nanofibers (NanoAligned™), randomly oriented nanofibers (NanoECM™), or hepatocyte specific nanofibers (NanoHep™) integrated into standard multiwell cell culture dishes, which can be easily scaled up for larger bioreactor systems.

Ross Kayuha, CEO of Nanofiber Solutions, remarked “Nanofiber Solutions has updated the cell culture product portfolio. The addition of the new 384 well plates are meant to provide an optimized 3D cell culture product for researchers. There is a significant demand for 3D cell culture technologies that provide the same ease of use and format as conventional cell culture petri dishes, while also allowing more realistic cell behavior. Our goal is to continue to aid researches by providing 3D cell culture products that mimic the natural environment, while also maintaining ease of use.”

About Nanofiber Solutions 
Nanofiber Solutions, LLC is a medical device manufacturer developing a new class of implants with unrivaled performance for the $60B soft tissue/organ repair/regeneration market. Our technology is used to build scaffolds that are critical in the development of life-saving and life-changing, tissue-engineered implants. We manufacture the world’s first nanofiber tracheal implant which has been used successfully in four European surgeries and we are rapidly expanding our product offerings and patent estate based on this proven scaffold technology. In addition to tissue engineering, we manufacture cell culture plates which are used to support basic research and drug discovery in academic and pharmaceutical labs. These products are also used in regenerative medicine as a means to increase stem cell expansion rates for cellular therapy companies working to bring the promise of personalized stem cell treatments closer to reality.

Ross Kayuha
Chief Executive Officer
Office phone: (614) 453-5877