The MEA 2 Personal Purification System is a bench top 96 well format platform that brings cost effective sample prep right into the researcher’s lab. It provides automated, flexible and scalable solutions for protein and nucleic acid purification, processing up to 12 samples in parallel. Sample sizes can range from 10 µL up to 80 mL. The system uses PhyTip® columns which are pipette tips containing resin immobilized between two inert frit screens. The back-and-forth flow through the chromatography columns results in the Tip Concentrating Effect™ for high yield and purity of proteins and nucleic acids.

MEA 2 personal purification systems are equipped with validated procedures for standard protein and nucleic acid preps. In addition, the MEA 2 is capable of specialised solutions through a broad selection of column bed sizes and chemistries, including affinity, ion exchange, gel filtration, normal phase, reverse phase and the custom packing service.

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