Mirus Bio has expanded its transfection expertise with the development of the TransIT-X2™ Dynamic Delivery System, an innovative polymeric system for high efficiency nucleic acid delivery. TransIT-X2 can be used for independent or simultaneous delivery of DNA and siRNA. The TransIT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System offers researchers:

Efficiency—Exceptional broad spectrum transfection

Versatility—Cutting edge delivery of plasmid DNA and/or siRNA

Technology—Novel non-liposomal polymeric delivery

“Profound advances in gene delivery technology have been lacking for some time,” said Scott Hayes, Vice President, Mirus Bio LLC. “As a result, researchers have increasingly resorted to virus-borne or physical disruption technologies to facilitate nucleic acid uptake in difficult-to-transfect cell types despite inherent limitations with each of these methods. A better understanding of the barriers to transfection, and ways to overcome them, has led to the development of a new innovative polymeric dynamic delivery system. This system provides superior delivery of plasmid DNA and siRNA into a vast array of cell types. We feel that this technology provides distinct advantages over other means of transfection and opens new avenues for experimental design.”

In head-to-head testing, TransIT-X2 outperformed the market leader by at least 2-fold in cell types that include: A549, CHO-K1, Hep G2, HCC1143, HUVEC, LNCaP, MDA-MB-468, MDCK, HMEC, Immortalized Keratinocytes and T47D.

For experimental details and testing results, please visit www.TheTransfectionExperts.com

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