Scientist now can do comprehensive cell biological and biochemical studies with one and the same protein tag.


Based on the antigen binding domain of alpaca heavy-chain antibodies, GFP-Trap® excels in all dimensions - highest purity protein pull down in least time. Masking of target proteins by contaminating heavy or light chains as with conventional monoclonals is not an issue, since GFP-Trap® is a single domain polypeptide with a size of 13 kDa. At the same time it is characterized by its high specificity and efficiency. Thus the precipitates can be directly used in downstream applications like mass spectroscopy or enzyme activity measurement.


Ready-to-use coupled to monovalent matrices (agarose or magnetic particles), GFP-Trap® allows very clean one-step immunoprecipitation of GFP fusion proteins and their interacting partners in as less as 30 minutes.