Biocroí Ltd’s mission is to develop and sell technologies to improve the effectiveness of the drug discovery process; to decrease failure rates and in parallel reduce costs in pharmaceutical drug development. Biocroí has developed two innovative, IP protected, consumable products with high sales potential: (i) Advanced Microplates, and (ii) Cell Culture Medium.


Biocroí Ltd.’s new Happy Cell Advanced Suspension Medium enables three dimensional culture of cells, thus encouraging the establishment of systems that better mimic in vivo conditions rendering greater predictive value in the drug development process.  It is a simple yet effective tool with many applications for High Throughput and High Content Screening cell based assays. 


Happy Cell ASM, a uniquely formulated medium of low viscosity, is designed for use with automated liquid handling systems and microscopes.  It is formulated with many cell culture media types, including RPMI and DMEM. It is cost effective, scalable, rapidly deployable and simple to use with minimal human intervention. It allows easy labelling, washing and dosing of cells.  


Happy Cell ASM is a very effective means of stimulating spheroid growth. It encourages the assembly of cells into colonies, thus allowing for more complex intercellular interactions. This ASM has applications for many areas including; flow cytometry; toxicology; spheroid growth; stem cell & primary cell studies; bioreactor growth medium for non-adherent cells e.g. T Lymphocytes.  It has also demonstrated the ability to promote more sustained cell growth and increase biomarker concentrations. 


Biocroí is also responsible for Advanced Microplates, a patented technology which standardises environmental conditions across the microplate, therefore greatly reducing ‘edge effects’ and improving cell growth.


Advanced Microplates significantly improve the quality and accuracy of cell based assays, resulting in more uniform results with fewer repeats. Hence, substantially decreasing reagent and cell usage and promoting significant cost saving.  


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