Known as the Polar Bear Plus Flow™, this compact, portable module uses advanced cooling technology to deliver clean and convenient temperature control down to -40°C without the need for cardice or other refrigerants.

The Polar Bear Plus Flow™ was developed by Uniqsis’ commercial partner Cambridge Reactor Design (CRD) in collaboration with Professor Steven Ley's Innovative Technologies Centre (ITC) located within the University of Cambridge. Based on the same advanced proprietary cooling technology as the low-temperature Polar Bear module introduced by Uniqsis and CRD in 2011, it delivers a wide temperature range, i.e. any set point temperature between -40°C and 150°C, and rapid equilibration, with the lowest temperatures being accessible within approximately 30 minutes. Stable temperatures, including the low of -40°C, are maintained even with a flow rate of 10 ml/min.

For maximum flexibility the Polar Bear Plus Flow™ can either be controlled remotely or operate in stand-alone mode. For remote control, the unit can be connected to either a Uniqsis FlowSyn™ system or a Uniqsis Binary Pump Module (BPM), both of which can autodetect its presence and provide easy direct control via their respective user interfaces. Moreover, by integrating the Polar Bear Plus Flow™ with a fraction collector such as the FlowSyn Multi-X™ package, a series of experiments, each at a different temperature from -40°C to +150°C, can be programmed and then automatically carried out in sequence.

In stand-alone mode, the embedded control interface makes it quick and easy to enter a setpoint and initiate heating or cooling, after which the Polar Bear Plus unit automatically equilibrates to the set temperature. In addition, it is possible to automatically log performance data and to transfer this information to a PC either via USB or Ethernet.

Other benefits of the Polar Bear Plus Flow™ include its compact size and clean, hassle-free design. Unlike conventional -40°C circulators it can be easily relocated in and out of the fume cupboard thanks to its small footprint which is only slightly larger than a standard hotplate stirrer. There is no need to handle any refrigerants or cardice.

The Polar Bear Plus Flow™ module is compatible with all FlowSyn™ coil and chip reactors. The coil reactor module uses standard Uniqsis reactors and can accommodate single coil reactors up to 60 ml in volume, multiple smaller coils and glass static mixer chips to offer maximum flexibility for flow chemistry applications. To prevent ice formation under sub-ambient conditions and ensure that the reactor remains clearly visible at all times a vacuum-jacketed glass cover with a nitrogen purge can be fitted to the coil reactor module.

The Polar Bear Plus Flow™ is available from Uniqsis in combination with the Uniqsis Binary Pump Module or any Uniqsis FlowSyn system. It can also be added to existing FlowSyn or other flow chemistry systems.

Paul Pergande, Group MD of Uniqsis Ltd, comments “The Polar Bear Plus Flow is the third significant product to emerge from a fruitful commercial partnership with Cambridge Reactor Design. We are particularly delighted with the Polar Bear Plus Flow because it is so easy and convenient to use, as well as offering excellent heating and cooling performance. The aim with all our products is to make flow chemistry applications more easily accessible and to help improve efficiency, and the new Polar Bear Plus does exactly that.”

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