These complete, cell-based assay kits set a new standard for convenience by enabling researchers to obtain data in just four easy steps: Thaw, Feed, Dose, Read.  The INDIGO RORg and RARg Assay Kits provide a ready-to-use solution that goes from freezer-to-data in 24 hours with no need to transfect cells or optimize assays.  The kits includes everything researchers need to check for agonist or antagonist activity, making it a complete ‘lab-in-a-box.’  Each kit contains engineered, optimized reporter cells, recovery media, compound screening media, and detection reagent.  They even contain a positive control agonist and a tissue culture plate.  All you provide is your compounds for screening!  The INDIGO RARg and RORg Assay kits join the Company’s growing line of cell-based assay kits. Retinoid Receptors are increasingly important as drug targets and for off target / toxicology studies.  All INDIGO Assay Kits use stable-glow luciferase chemistry to produce results with excellent Z’ scores and high signal-to-noise ratios. INDIGO Biosciences’ proprietary cryopreservation process,  CryoMite, yields greater than 95% cell viability post-thaw and enables INDIGO Nuclear Receptor Assay Kits to be shipped anywhere in the world, making them ready to use when the researcher is ready to test.

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