These products deliver robust performance and enable users to obtain high-quality data across all real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) applications,.


The two new iTaq Universal supermixes include the iTaq Universal SYBR® Green supermix and the iTaq Universal Probes supermix, both of which are 2x concentrated, ready-to-use reaction master mixes. Both supermixes are made with a proprietary optimized buffer formulation for maximum sensitivity, efficiency and reproducibility.


The term “Universal” refers to the broad instrument compatibility and the ability to tolerate a broad range of reaction and protocol conditions. The iTaq Unversial supermixes, which contain a blend of multiple passive reference dyes, are particularly useful for researchers using real-time PCR instruments that require ROX fluorescent dyes. Researchers will now be able to use a single supermix, eliminating the need to change reagents between experiments and instruments.


The SYBR® Green supermix is optimized for dye-based qPCR and contains SYBR® Green I dye whereas the Probes supermix is formulated for probe-based qPCR (simplex or duplex).

Key benefits of the iTaq Universal supermixes include:

    Broad dynamic range and sensitivity — offers accurate and sensitive detection of a broad range of targets in gene expression analysis and other real time applications
    Optimized buffer formulation — provides efficient amplification of genomic DNA templates and difficult amplicons
    Overcomes challenging duplex qPCR — enables detection of two gene targets, even with a great differential in copy number, in one reaction
    Antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase — gives instant and complete polymerase activation in 30 seconds

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