GE Healthcare’s Capto Core 700 is a multimodal chromatography medium (resin) designed for intermediate purification and polishing of viruses and other large biomolecules. Capto Core 700 offers a range of performance advantages over a typical gel filtration step. Productivity is improved with up to 100-fold greater sample loadings and significantly higher flow rates. Optimization and scale-up are both straightforward.


The Capto Core 700 medium employs core bead technology, with a ligand-activated core and inactive outer layer. The inactive outer layer excludes large molecules (Mr 700 000 [700 kDa] and above) from entering the beads which can subsequently be collected in the column flowthrough. Smaller impurities bind to the internalized ligands, which are both hydrophobic and positively charged, resulting in a highly efficient multimodal binding of various contaminants small enough to enter the core.


With Capto Core 700, flowthrough chromatography and a wide window of operation enable straightforward optimization. The prepacked HiTrap™ and HiScreen™ formats simplify process development and scale-up. Capto Core 700 is also available as a bulk medium in a range of pack sizes from lab scale to production-scale.


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