By integrating proven liquid handling technology from Uniqsis with unique microwave applicator technology and reactors from WaveCraft, the two companies will deliver flow chemistry systems that not only speed up synthetic processes and facilitate scale up, but also offer a completely safe solution that uses significantly less energy than conventional approaches.


Flow chemistry and microwave synthesis systems have become well established in synthesis laboratories over the last 15 years. WaveCraft’s technology uses a novel applicator and a proprietary microwave generator based on mobile phone technology to apply microwave energy and accelerate chemical reactions. This makes it possible, for the first time, to effectively and safely combine flow chemistry with microwave heating. Scientists will be able to continuously change power and frequency, enabling optimisation during synthesis. They will be able to scale up with no need to re-optimise conditions.


Paul Pergande, MD of Uniqsis, comments: “The WaveCraft team is pre-eminent in the field of microwave technology and we believe that their new technology shows exceptional promise. We are very excited to be working with them on this novel approach to microwave-based synthesis which offers real benefits to customers.”  Jon-Sverre Schanche, CEO of WaveCraft, adds, “We are extremely pleased that the potential of our technology has been recognised by a company well-established in the field of flow synthesis. Working together will give both companies a great opportunity to offer customers solutions that significantly increase productivity”