Astra Biotech manufactures high quality reagents, allergens, antibodies, recombinant proteins and assays for the determination of hormones, allergies, genetic-related diseases and tumour markers. For suppliers of microarrays, Astra Biotech provides high quality ready-to-use glass slides with aldehyde or aminosilane substrate. Featuring superior surface homogeneity and low intrinsic fluorescence and background noise, these products ensure the accuracy of results in this format.


Astra Biotech offers complete ranges of IVD-compliant assays as well as individual components, so that partner organisations may fill gaps in their present portfolio without the expense of further research and development costs.


According to Alexandra Ghica-Cantacuzino, head of International Sales & Marketing at Astra Biotech GmbH, ‘Astra Biotech’s goal is to assist those involved in patient care to improve overall healthcare standards around the world. Our strategy is to become the partner of choice for diagnostics manufacturers and a leading supplier of components for innovative diagnostic procedures. In addition, our Research & Development team and Production department have considerable experience in regulatory compliance. This means that we are able to provide comprehensive support during the process of establishing new products, reducing the time to market. Our OEM partners therefore benefit from being able to widen their market opportunities and increase turnover with minimal investment.’


Astra Biotech is known for producing superior products by incorporating only certified high purity reagents and performing rigorous quality control procedures in the company’s manufacturing facilities, thus enabling clear tracking of all component materials.


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