The new instruments offer high-precision spectral analysis of a wide range of samples including organic and inorganic compounds, biological samples, optical materials and photovoltaic devices. 


New technology with advanced performance for highly sophisticated applications

The small footprint UV-2700 is a double-beam double-monochromator system that covers a wavelength range from 185 to 900 nm for direct measurement of high density samples up to 8 Abs or orders of magnitude higher than normal research grade instruments.  The new spectrophotometer features an optical system based on Shimadzu’s revolutionary LO-RAY-LIGH® diffraction grating, a new holographic grating that gives exceptionally low stray light and high energy throughput, matching the performance of the best reference grade systems in an instrument that is a fraction of their size and weight. 


Wider wavelength range

The UV-2600 model greatly expands a researcher’s measurement capabilities. The instrument’s ultra-low stray light LO-RAY-LIGH® grating delivers 5 Abs performance and, by adding the new ISR-2600 Plus dual detector integrating sphere, extends the transmission or reflectance measuring range up to 1400 nm.  Researchers can now, for the first time, study UV-Vis-NIR transmittance of nanostructures, architectural glass, photovoltaic devices and more on a compact bench-top machine.

Both models offer “best in class” performance in stray light, photometric range and scan speed.


Powerful new software plus the widest scope of accessories 

The new UV-Probe software version 2.40 includes full validation protocols and USB connectivity which enables precise control of a huge range of optional accessories including a multipurpose large sample bench capable of measuring whole wafers or lens assemblies.  Optional software packages are available for colour, thickness and Tm analysis.
For both systems, a large selection of new accessories provides new capabilities in the measurement of films, powders and liquids.

“Among the key features of the new scanning spectrophotometers are dual Shimadzu innovations of the LO-RAY-LIGH® gratings, which offer ‘best-in-class’ ultra-low stray light performance, and the dual detector PM/InGaAs integrating sphere option,” explained Dr Robert Keighley, Shimadzu UK Limited’s Spectroscopy and TOC Business Manager.  “The new instruments deliver performance levels previously confined to reference grade instruments which are typically several times the cost, weight and size of these new models. Now a true reference grade instrument can be sited right on your bench.  Weighing only 25Kg, the new instruments take up considerably less than half the bench space of a typical reference grade machine.  The new UV-2600 and UV-2700 models offer real innovation at an affordable price”.

About Shimadzu
Shimadzu is a world leader in the design and manufacture of products and services within a broad range of fields including bioresearch.  The company’s commitment to the philosophy of “contributing to Society through Science and Technology” forms its common managing concept throughout the world: “Solutions for Science since 1875”.  Instruments for analysis and measurement in industry and research, environmental testing and other bio-related equipment, and semi-conductor and media related equipment and software services are within Shimadzu’s portfolio.