Combining an unmatched scanning speed with the power of triple quadrupole mass spectrometry provides a major boost to lab productivity and gives researchers the opportunity to get more information for less effort.

The instrument is ideal for researchers doing lots of method development work who are facing the challenge of needing to detect more target analytes with greater sensitivity in hundreds of samples per day.  Key applications include food and environmental analysis, drugs of abuse screening as well as materials analysis.

The system offers researchers doing method development the capability to gain more information for less effort.  A single injection will provide a full scan, multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transitions and pos/neg data at the same time to allow matrix effects to be seen more clearly.  The LCMS-8030 allows researchers to make quantification and confirmation measurements in a single scan of any compound which is ionised to either a positive or negative ion.  Shimadzu’s patented power supply technology enables the shortest loop time to create positive and negative ion data in the quickest time.

Without sacrificing sensitivity or resolution, the instrument is capable of performing ultra-fast mass spectrum measurement speeds of 15,000 u/sec and ultra-fast polarity switching (15msec) to capture the most information without signal deterioration.

Coupling the LCMS-8030 with Shimadzu’s Nexera UHPLC enables UHPLC performance to be maximized by offering users reliable and accurate detection of peaks only one-second wide.

The combination of the LCMS-8030 with Nexera creates a unified platform that provides unmatched qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as accelerated workflows for high-throughput analysis. Unattended, overnight operation is made possible by means of automated optimization of analytical conditions for each quantitative target compound.

Shimadzu UK’s LC/LCMS Business Manager Stuart Phillips, said: “The LCMS-8030 system is ideal for users that have a desire to achieve the maximum return on investment (ROI) and want to produce ‘more information for less effort‘.  Once a researcher has developed new methods the LCMS-8030 will allow individual components to be easily be reused, reducing rework and improving productivity.  The instrument is also ideal for new users that need to learn software quickly”.

“Being able to scan faster while having the shortest ‘pause and dwell’ times means getting more points across a peak which translates into better quantitative analysis and give users the right answer first time.  Many of the LCMS-8030’s features are focused on achieving productivity gains”.

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