These benefits include open access, the lowest carryover, highest pressure rating, shortest autosampler cycle time and the highest injection volume precision.

The new Nexera UHPLC system ensures fully reliable ultra-high speed and ultra-high resolution analysis across an extensive number of application fields by offering an innovative mix of precise solvent delivery, excellent reproducibility and near-zero carryover.

Deploying the industry’s highest system pressure specification (130MPa) with the lowest carryover performance (<0.0015%) the Nexera UHPLC helps users to easily achieve accurate, high quality chromatography results first time from their chromatography software.  Once users have taken full advantage of the Nexera’s chromatographic performance, they can maximize their ROI by using the very fast autosampler (10s injection time) to give the shortest possible run time.  The autosampler’s flexibility also allows the performance of high-temperature analysis, automatic sample pretreatment and multidimensional LC separation.

The system’s innovative IPad control enables users to check their UHPLC system at any time by simply connecting to their company’s network via a VPN.   The interface allows users to maximize productivity by logging into Nexera’s built-in Web Server to remotely control, monitor and manage their system.


The Nexera UHPLC has been developed to address users looking to achieve higher productivity from their LC systems while offering them the maximum operational flexibility.  The next generation system is also ideal for users seeking to tailor their LC to meet their specific needs or for those looking to add a UHPLC capability to their analysis portfolio to provide precise QA/QC data for their existing Chromatography Data System (CDS).

“Shimadzu’s Nexera UHPLC is extremely modular,” explained Stuart Phillips, Shimadzu UK’s LC/LCMS Business Manager.  “The instrument’s high degree of modularity enables users to configure their systems in a variety of ways while the flexible architecture means that their UHPLC investment can be rapidly tailored to their needs.  Should their needs change it is easy to change from Binary LC to Quaternary LC without having to purchase new pumps.   You can have Shimadzu’s obsession with quality in the format most suitable for you”.

“The Nexera UHPLC addresses the need for short run times to maximize system throughput.  The instrument’s inherent flexibility is ideal for users that have the desire to tailor their own solutions rather than being forced to buy the single box their vendor offers.  The Nexera UHPLC enables users to easily reconfigure their system when their requirements change and means they will not be locked in by their vendor’s lack of vision”. 

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