These new cards enable room temperature storage of dried biosample spots and only require a low sample volume (10-20 µl), making them ideal for studies where there is limited sample volume available.


GE Healthcare’s Indicating FTA DMPK Cards enable researchers to collect and store clear biosamples without the need to freeze-thaw, which can save time and help prevent sample degradation. In addition, removing the need for dry ice means these cards provide more cost effective handling, shipping and storage.


Colored Indicating FTA DMPK Cards offer the following benefits:

·         Easy visualization of colorless fluids - clear fluids are observed as lighter spots on the colored card

·         Designed to work with low biosample volumes

·         No need to freeze-thaw – saving time in sample processing and offering a reduced potential for analyte degradation or crystallization

·         Intended for room temperature storage – saving on costs of dry-ice shipments and refrigeration


GE Healthcare’s Indicating Cards are manufactured in-house to ISO standards ISO9001:2008 to ensure batch consistency while controlled global distribution enables multi-center studies to be planned with confidence.


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