The ProteoExtract Cytoskeleton Enrichment and Isolation kit (cat. # 17-10195) provides the necessary extraction buffers to quickly and selectively remove soluble cytoplasmic and nuclear protein fractions for downstream biochemical analysis including western blot and mass spectrometry. The assay is performed in as little as 20 minutes and foregoes the need for harsh buffers and centrifugation, thus retaining more of the native focal adhesion- and actin-associated proteins, as compared to traditional protein fractionation methods.  Vimentin and GAPDH antibodies are also included as markers for the cytoskeleton and cytosol, respectively, for western blot analysis.


The ProteoExtract Native Cytoskeleton Enrichment and Staining Kit (cat. # 17-10210) includes the necessary reagents to efficiently enrich, retain and visualize the cytoskeleton and associated proteins in their native, adhered conformations with the same gentle technique. The kit also includes labeled phalloidin and antibodies against vinculin and GAPDH as markers for visualization and co-localization of the actin cytoskeleton, focal adhesions, and cytosol for immunofluorescence analysis.


“The ProteoExtract kits overcome many of the problems experienced when analyzing the cytoskeleton and associated proteins,” describes Haizhen Liu, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, EMD Millipore.  “The kits increase the amount of recoverable, enriched cytoskeleton fraction, maintain the cytoskeleton and associated proteins in their native states, increase the ability to detect and study low abundance actin-associated proteins that are typically lost with harsher protein fractionation methods, and greatly reduces the background typically seen in immunofluorescence staining of whole cells.”


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