With its specially designed optical system, scanning method and z-stack functionality, the Leica SCN400 F enables you to capture the sharpest images for both brightfield and fluorescence samples.


Your Advantages
Bring fluorescence out of the darkroom
Scan slides with multiple fluorescent labels quickly and efficiently with the Leica SCN400 F.  Capture whole slide scans and review crisp fluorescent images from the comfort of your computer.
Rapid switching between brightfield and fluorescence illumination methods facilitates scanning of multiple sample types and enhances your daily workflow.    

Rapid review
Easily review your fluorescent slides online through the Digital Image Hub web-viewer.  Turn on and off separate channels with the click of a button to examine each marker individually.
Slide linking and side-by-side review enable rapid comparison between serial sections of brightfield and fluorescent samples.

Excellent image quality
The Leica SCN400 F captures fluorescence samples with multiple markers through a combination of tri-band-cubes and excitation filters, giving sharp multi-channel images.
This comprehensive slide scanning system utilizes world-leading technology to deliver true high quality fluorescence imaging and optimal dye separation.

Archive without bleaching
While fluorescent staining techniques facilitate the examination of multiple markers on a single sample, the ability to preserve these slides is often prevented by photobleaching and loss of fluorescent signal.
The Leica SCN400 F provides a platform for creating a digital archive of fluorescent samples with no loss of image quality over time, enabling you view your images long after the slide has faded away.