This free app allows researchers to explore a comprehensive collection of core histone modifications and access detailed information on their biological significance and epigenetic implications with links to published references.


“By consolidating a wealth of detailed information at the researcher’s fingertips, the Histone Modification app accelerates access to data that can drive new insights into the mechanisms of gene regulation,” said Jeff Thamer, Technical Information Scientist at EMD Millipore.  This interactive tool will enable a deeper, more comprehensive exploration of the epigenome.”


Core histones are proteins that package DNA into structural units known as nucleosomes and play a central role in gene expression. Modifications to histones such as methylation or phosphorylation affect gene activity and serve to regulate a range of normal and disease-related processes.


The app includes over 500 references describing all known core histone modifications as well as potential modifications expected to have biological relevance.  Users are also able to browse available antibodies and enzymes for histone modification and epigenetic research.


“The project team behind the Histone Modification App demonstrated the value of a highly cross-functional and highly customer-centric group of individuals that spanned the Marketing, eBusiness, and Marketing Communications organizations,” said Geoffrey Schwartz, Director of Strategic Marketing Communications at EMD Millipore. “This team transformed an interesting idea into a value-added scientific marketing tool in the burgeoning Epigenetics research space.


“The net result is a compelling mobile application that provides relevant scientific and product information through a simple and intuitive interface built using a sound architecture and best practices,” concluded Geoffrey Schwartz.


The Histone Modification app is available for the iPad® and can be downloaded from the Apple® App Store.


For more information on the Interactive Histone Modification mobile application or to download it to your iPad, please visit