83% of Life Science Leaders Believe Blockchain will be Adopted Within Five Years, Finds Survey from The Pistoia Alliance

The Pistoia Alliance is calling on the pharmaceutical and technology industries to support greater collaboration around blockchain initiatives.

QS Pharma receives approval from European Medicines Agency for commercial manufacture

QS Pharma, which was acquired by Quotient Clinical in February 2017, announced it has received approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to manufacture certain medicinal products ...

Optibrium Introduces StarDrop 6.4 with Universal Pose Generation Interface

Optibrium, a developer of software for small molecule drug discovery, has announced the launch of version 6.4 of the StarDrop platform.

Bioconjugation specialist Innova Biosciences acquired by SYGNIS AG

Innova Biosciences, a specialist provider of bioconjugation products and services, has been fully acquired by SYGNIS AG, for EUR 8 million in cash and 3.5 million in shares.

New Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer and Specialized Columns Designed to Deliver Reproducible and Robust Separations, Increase Analytical Accuracy

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., today announced new technologies that are designed to allow analytical chemists to obtain high-resolution separations with outstanding sensitivity and repro...

LifeArc, previously MRC Technology, set to transform the medical research landscape

LifeArc (previously known as MRC Technology), today announced ambitious plans to improve the lives of patients suffering from diseases that present the greatest challenges to medical rese...

Ready-to-Use Mass Spectrometric Kit Simplifies Insulin Bioanalysis Workflows

Scientists across the biopharmaceutical, clinical research and sports anti-doping industries can now simplify their insulin bioanalysis workflow using a new hybrid LC-MS consumables kit.

Horizon Discovery Announces Progress of its Gene and Cell Therapy Platform for Contract Service and Therapeutic Applications

The new offering will make use of Horizon’s extensive suite of gene editing technologies, including CRISPR and its proprietary rAAV and Transposon technologies, to edit pluripotent stem...

Mologic Receives CE Mark Approval for PERiPLEX Diagnostic for Infection in Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis

Mologic Ltd, a diagnostics company, announced it has received CE mark approval for PERiPLEX, a rapid point-of-care test for the detection of infection in patients on Peritoneal Dialysis.

New Tribrid Mass Spectrometer Delivers New Levels of Power and Performance for Protein and Small Molecule Characterization

Scientists facing highly complex characterization challenges can now gain a deeper understanding of their samples with new enhancements to the industry-leading Thermo Scientific Orbitrap ...

Next-Generation Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers Deliver High Precision for Quantitative Workflows

Analytical laboratories can now obtain high quality data with new triple quadrupole mass spectrometry technology designed to provide exceptional performance for the most demanding targete...

Thermo Fisher Scientific Raises the Bar in Mass Spectrometry at ASMS 2017

Thermo strengthened its leadership in mass spectrometry by launching new technology to advance cutting-edge research and improve results in applied markets during ASMS 2017.

TTP plc and Innova Biosciences extend partnership to develop rapid point-of-care diagnostics

TTP plc, today announces its ongoing partnership with Innova Biosciences to enable its rapid point-of-care diagnostics development program.

PerkinElmer Launches NeoLSD MSMS Kit

First Commercial IVD Kit to Use Mass Spectrometry to Screen for Six LSDs in Newborn Babies from a Single Dried Blood Spot Sample.

License Agreement Signed for Manufacture and Supply of Novel Limb Sterilisation Device

Health Enterprise East have signed a manufacture & distribution agreement for a novel limb sterilisation sleeve between Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Pentland Medical Ltd.

NemaMetrix Introduces Fluorescent Staining Kits for Improved Phenotyping in model organism C. elegans

NemaMetrix have announced the launch of its first series of RediStain fluorescent kits for improved visualization of C. elegans’ structure and function in phenotyping studies.