Breath based biomarker detection - informing drug development and future treatment regimes

By Billy Boyle and Dr Mike Murphy
Fall 16
The recent approval of the first liquid biopsy test for the diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) demonstrates how biomarker-based detection tools are becoming important compone...

Individualised Systems Medicine next-generation precision cancer medicine and drug positioning.

By Tea Pemovska, Paaivi Östling, Caroline Heckman, Olli Kallioniemi and Krister Wennerberg
Summer 15
A growing number of oncology drugs are currently clinically available and more than a thousand compounds are being developed for oncology indications.

Automating the drive towards Personalised Medicine.

By Dr Alexandre Akoulitchev, Dr Howard Womersley and Dr Phil Jordan
Summer 2014
Interest in personalised medicine continues to grow, and epigenetic biomarkers are very informative in this respect, giving a clear indication of whether – and how – a patient’s gen...

Could the keys to precision and personalised medicine be rooted in predictive safety and research methods?

By Robert G. Hunter
Spring 2014
To meet the massive challenges of future healthcare, perhaps no two facets hold greater promise than biomarkers for precision medicine and systems biology for personalised patient care.

Biomarker discovery: the need for new generation peptideprotein microarrays.

By Dr Nikolai Schwabe and Katherine Catchpole
Fall 2013
The progression from health to disease is marked by significant biological changes within an individual1. Clinically presenting symptoms, however, can be non-specific and variable enough ...

Laboratory automation advances high throughput bio-inspired research into personalised medicine.

By Dr Joshua LaBaer
Summer 2013
The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University plays an important role in addressing global healthcare challenges by developing bio-inspired solutions that can be translated into com...

Metabolomics: analytic methods driving exponential understanding.

By Dr Ian D. Jardine
Fall 2012
Metabolomics is distinct from genomics and proteomics in several significant respects. Where genes and proteins are unique to specific organisms, metabolites are ubiquitous throughout the...

Collaborative research leads to new understanding of Biomarkers.

By Dr Max Ryadnov and Professor Jason Crain
Spring 2012
A new collaborative research paper sheds light on the way antibodies distinguish between different but closely related ‘biomarkers’ – in this case protein fragments which reveal inf...

Using autoantibody biomarker panels for improved disease diagnosis.

By Dr John Anson, Oxford Gene Technology
Winter 2011/12
In a new whitepaper, experts at Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) discuss the issues surrounding the detection and utilisation of novel biomarkers for disease diagnosis.

The Sooner the Better: Utilising biomarkers to eliminate drug candidates with cardiotoxicity in preclinical development.

By Dr Federica Crivellente
Summer 2011
The rapidly escalating costs of drug development is causing the biopharmaceutical industry to focus its R&D efforts on identifying new technologies and methods that can predict the safety...

Early patient stratification is critical to enable effective and personalised drug discovery and development.

By Dr David A Fryburg, Dr Diane H Song and Dr David de Graaf
Summer 2011
With the current chances of an efficacious outcome in Phase II for novel mechanisms being in the region of 1 in 5, we argue the need for personalised drug discovery and development to be ...

Regenerative Medicines: a paradigm shift in healthcare.

By Michael Werner, Morrie Ruffin and Elizabeth West
Spring 2011
The regenerative medicine market offers phenomenal opportunities for growth in the next few decades. However, there are still major issues to be addressed to enable this nascent industry ...

Biomarker signal definition.

By Dr Gordon F. Kapke and Dr Nigel Brown
Winter 2008
Due to the numerous challenges in the industry, pharmaceutical companies are examining all aspects of the drug development process and rebuilding their associated business models as neces...

The Personalized Medicine Coalition.

Spring 2011
The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), representing a broad spectrum of academic, industrial, patient, provider, and payer communities, seeks to advance the understanding and adoption...

Genetics, Pipelines and Personalised Medicine.

By Dr John W. Hooper
Winter 2006
Genetic linkage studies have long been the standard for researching the genetics associated with heritable diseases. Recently, however, scientists have begun to realise the benefits of wh...

The future of molecular diagnostics for cancer.

By Dr Cliff Murray Drug Discovery
Spring 2011
The pharmaceutical industry is still struggling to cure cancer despite pouring enormous resources into the search for new treatments. We take a look at the some of the current technologie...