In Depth Focus: Outsourcing
Drug Discovery World
Partnering with the right CRO is a winning strategy for companies big and small
By Dr Davide Molho
Fall 2013

The Bio-Pharma business model is undergoing radical changes. Over the last two decades, we have seen a number of changes as the biopharmaceutical industry has gradually become more willing to look externally and embrace the concept of outsourcing as it looks for new sources of discovery and innovation.

This has provided the industry with greater flexibility in terms of sourcing work with companies that can provide the right expertise and capabilities. These changes are needed as technologies rapidly advance as well as economic and other pressures for healthcare and new therapies continue to increase.

wenty plus years ago we first saw pharma companies look to contract research organisations (CROs) for help with the tactical elements of clinical trials when internal resources were strained.

As the efficiencies of outsourcing started gaining recognition and pharma companies began seeing these efficiencies as an opportunity to increase flexibility and contain costs while being still able to keep the same quality and turnaround times, they expanded their use of CROs to include..........