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Drug Discovery World
Drug discovery in the age of big data
By Dr Prem Premsrirut

How RNA interference and CRISPR/Cas9 technologies are helping to build better mouse models and push drug discovery into a new era.

Most, if not all, consumers are feeling the weight of rising drug costs. But while much of the controversy surrounding rising drug prices has focused on a handful of pharmaceutical companies that have snapped up old drugs and then aggressively raised prices, the fact is that drug prices are far more likely to further increase due to the volume of candidates that falter in late-stage efficacy studies and the fact that there is no more low-hanging fruit.

This may seem incongruous but it is not. A widely circulated study published last year by a trio of economists found that the costs of compounds abandoned during testing were linked to the costs of compounds that obtained FDA approval (1). Built into the jaw-dropping US$2.5 billion plus that the analysts estimated it now costs to bring a new drug to market – a figure derived from an analysis of 106 randomly selected drugs from 10 companies – were the cost of unsuccessful projects that faltered in the clinic....

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