Drug Discovery World
The CRISPR FORUM: CRISPR - Drug discovery tool or therapeutic revolution?

Dates: 17 October 2017
Venue: Dublin, Ireland

The discovery of the RNA programmable nucleases Cas9 and Cpf1 has greatly facilitated genome editing. The impact of CRISPR technology has been universal, bringing drug discovery to an era of whole genome knockout screens and widely distributed multiplexed in vivo gene editing experiments, as well as moving into the clinic to join ZFN and TALEN powered therapies progressing towards registration.

This unique meeting, being held in Dublin on 17-18 October, will bring leaders in the field together with a wide academic and commercial audience, to explore the new horizons in drug development and therapeutics brought by advancements in CRISPR technology.

CO-CHAIRS: Professor Eric Hendrickson (University of Minnesota Medical School) and Dr Jon Moore (Horizon Discovery)

What makes this meeting different:

A substantial proportion of the oral programme will be given over to talks selected from submitted abstracts to discuss innovative ideas.

A focus on closing the gap between new developments in CRISPR technology and application in life sciences

Join us to learn about the next wave of CRISPR innovation

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