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Thermo Fisher Scientific Nunc Edge 96-well Plate
Thermo Scientific Nunc Edge Plate

October's featured video demonstrates the Thermo Scientific Nunc Edge plate.

Take your cell cultures to the edge.

See how you can maximize your culture viability with the Thermo Scientific Nunc Edge Plate!

Watch the innovative evaporation buffer zone in action. 


The Thermo Scientific* Nunc Edge plate has a unique design that minimizes plate evaporation.

Fill each moat section with 1.7mL sterile water or media; and the overall plate evaporation rate will be reduced to < 2% after 7 days.

In additional to the evaporation barrier the Edge plate is engineered for optical superiority allowing your automated imaging systems to operate efficiently.

For more information please visit www.thermoscientific.com/edgeplate.