The Discoverome creative destruction of barriers for faster to patient medicines R&D

By Chris Molloy
Future medicines discovery begins and ends with patients. Its scope will no longer be limited by the walls of the lab and the moats of major pharma. It will be disease-led, highly collabo...

Filling the drug discovery abyss - novel business models to push through the valley of death

By Dr Swati Prasad, Dr Charles McOsker, Professor Kathryn Chapman and Dr Michael Foley
Winter 16/17
Over the past three years, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have approved around 200 novel drugs for human use (1,2). Not a large number c...

Digital pharma - responding to challenges and opportunities from outside - How digital is reshaping the pharma arena.

By Ulrica Sehlstedt, Nils Bohlin, Fredrik de Mare and Richard Beetz
Spring 2016
The pharmaceutical industry in the 20th and early 21st century has been in constant change, driven by both incremental and breakthrough innovations.

The benefits of not competing.

By Richard Holland
Fall 2015
Pre-competitive collaboration allows a group of competing companies to come together to develop a solution for a problem that they all share, and from which none of them would gain a comp...

Overcoming the Disruption Dip in the aftermath of M&A

By Roger Humphrey
Fall 2015
M&A deals are disrupting the life science industry – and that’s good, mostly. Yet, when a company reshapes its facilities footprint in the wake of a consolidation, cost efficiency can...

Brothers in Arms: BioPharma and CROs collaborating in early drug discovery.

By Dr John Montana and Cornelis E.C.A. Hop
Summer 2015
BioPharma and CROs are riding the latest wave – discovery research – together with a vigour and gusto that might have seemed implausible five years ago. How these collaborations are s...

A systemic malady: the pervasive problem of misconduct in the biomedical sciences part 2: detection and prevention.

By Dr Gerald H. Lushington and Rathnam Chaguturu
Summer 2015
Discovering safe and effective medicines, one of the greatest gifts to humanity, relies intensely upon the availability of detailed, unassailably accurate biomedical scientific knowledge.

The Chinese Biologics Drug Market: demand and execution.

By Dr Andy Tsun, Jia Li, Joanne Sun, Dr Michael Yu, Dr Yajie Li and Xiaolin Liu
Spring 2015
In the past decade, China’s drug market has been expanding in double-digit percentages. This has brought about a huge increase in local drug makers and has lured multinational pharmaceu...

Therapeutic Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue Part II: business review.

By Dr Stephen Naylor, David M. Kauppi and Judge M. Schonfeld
Spring 2015
There is an emerging consensus that the impact of Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue (DRPx) on the pharmaceutical industry is real and sustainable.

A systemic malady: the pervasive problem of misconduct in the biomedical sciences part I: issues and causes.

By Dr Gerald H. Lushington and Rathnam Chaguturu
Spring 2015
Science pursues truth. Real advances in biomedical sciences improve our quality of life and save lives, but the path to these advances is cluttered with the distraction of irreproducible ...

Data-mining open source databases for drug repositioning using graph-based techniques.

By Dr Ken McGarry & Ukeme Daniel
Winter 2014
The analysis of ‘Big Data’ has great potential in drug discovery; however complications arise in integrating this data in a principled and coherent way.

Principles for winning digital health strategies.

By Dr Thilo Kaltenbach
Fall 14
In a recent study on digital health in the pharmaceutical industry, management consultancy Arthur D. Little provided an industry snapshot of pharmaceutical companies’ goals for 2020 and...

Reconfiguring drug discovery through innovative partnerships.

By Dr Robert Grundy, Iain James, Chas Bountra and Timothy Harrison
Fall 14
Attrition rates in drug discovery and development remain stubbornly high, despite large investments by the pharmaceutical industry. The cost of developing a new drug has been estimated at...

Collaboration for innovation is the new mantra for the pharmaceutical industry.

By Professor Jackie Hunter
Spring 2014
In order to maintain a flow of innovative medicines there is a growing realisation that companies cannot allow the status quo to remain as it is and the need to identify sources of approp...

How digital innovation and collaboration is driving a global demand for effective reporting in research funding.

By Frances Buck
Spring 2014
The UK, Europe and the United States are world leaders in research and innovation, with their researchers making vast contributions to global knowledge. They have world-leading universiti...

Building new models of drug discovery in Europe the Innovative Medicines Initiative.

By Dr Angela Wittelsberger, Dr Hugh Laverty and Dr Michel Goldman
Spring 2014
The discovery and development of a new medicine is time-consuming, risky and expensive. It often takes 10-15 years and an investment of on average >$1 billion for a compound to navigate i...