SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Detection System
See how you can do more with your microplate reader than you ever imagined.
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Bioanalysis of Oxytocin
Ultrasensitive Quantification Assay for Oxytocin in Human Plasma Using an LC/MS Microfluidics Platform
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The Discoverome, creative destruction of barriers for faster to patient medicines R&D

By Chris Molloy
Future medicines discovery begins and ends with patients. Its scope will no longer be limited by the walls of the lab and the moats of major pharma. It will be disease-led, highly collaborative and fast.

Pharma Derisking, approaches to reduce liability to major metabolically-driven causes of drug attrition

By Guy Webber
Intelligent application of early in vitro testing can help mitigate major drug development risks.

Spheroids rapidly becoming a preferred 3D culture format

By Dr John Comley
There are many advantages associated with culturing cells in three-dimensional (3D) versus conventional two-dimensional (2D) tissue culture.

Something old, something new... a marriage of technologies for immuno-oncology in vivo studies

By Dr Philip Dube
Discovering & validating novel therapeutic targets to add to the immuno-oncology arsenal requires refined preclinical models that meet needs for suitability, scalability & clinical relevancy throughout the phases of target discovery & drug validation.

Three-dimensional cell culture: a rapidly emerging technique for drug discovery

By Hannah Gitschier, Dr Ye Fang and Dr Richard M. Eglen
Past decades have witnessed significant efforts toward the development of 3D cell cultures. They are emerging not only as a new tool in early drug discovery, but also as potential therapeutics to treat disease.

Immuno-Oncology's Biomarker Dilemma - How to add value in an uncertain development landscape

By Dr Rachel Laing and Olivier Lesueur
Given their ability to promote long-term survival in a percentage of cancer patients, PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors have fast become foundational cancer therapies.

Monitoring the balance between immune repression and stimulation in cancer immunotherapy

By Dr Peter Schulz-Knappe and Dr Georg Lautscham
Cancer remains one of the main causes of death worldwide, yet recent strides have been made in the form of new cancer immunotherapies.

New Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer and Specialized Columns Designed to Deliver Reproducible and Robust Separations, Increase Analytical Accuracy

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., today announced new technologies that are designed to allow analytical chemists to obtain high-resolution separations with outstanding sensitivity and reproducibility.

LifeArc, previously MRC Technology, set to transform the medical research landscape

LifeArc (previously known as MRC Technology), today announced ambitious plans to improve the lives of patients suffering from diseases that present the greatest challenges to medical research.

Ready-to-Use Mass Spectrometric Kit Simplifies Insulin Bioanalysis Workflows

Scientists across the biopharmaceutical, clinical research and sports anti-doping industries can now simplify their insulin bioanalysis workflow using a new hybrid LC-MS consumables kit.

Horizon Discovery Announces Progress of its Gene and Cell Therapy Platform for Contract Service and Therapeutic Applications

The new offering will make use of Horizon’s extensive suite of gene editing technologies, including CRISPR and its proprietary rAAV and Transposon technologies, to edit pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and primary human lymphocytes.

Mologic Receives CE Mark Approval for PERiPLEX Diagnostic for Infection in Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis

Mologic Ltd, a diagnostics company, announced it has received CE mark approval for PERiPLEX, a rapid point-of-care test for the detection of infection in patients on Peritoneal Dialysis.

New Tribrid Mass Spectrometer Delivers New Levels of Power and Performance for Protein and Small Molecule Characterization

Scientists facing highly complex characterization challenges can now gain a deeper understanding of their samples with new enhancements to the industry-leading Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer that extend its power, performance and versatility.