SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Detection System
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Bioanalysis of Oxytocin
Ultrasensitive Quantification Assay for Oxytocin in Human Plasma Using an LC/MS Microfluidics Platform
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Latest Articles

Industrial-scale screening accelerates discovery of novel drug combination therapies

By Dr O Leven and Dr E Tang
Drug combination therapies are recognised as essential therapeutic treatments for infectious diseases, cancer & HIV/AIDS. They can enhance a clinical efficacy profile, improve the therapeutic window and delay the onset of acquired drug resistance.

Advancing the promise of therapeutic genomic editing

Fall 2014
The development of genome editing technology is revolutionising the study of gene function and has the potential to usher in a new class of therapeutics for a broad range of diseases.

Automated patch clamping finally achieves high throughput!

By Dr John Comley
Two new third-generation automated patch clamp (APC) systems capable of high throughput processing (10,000 data points per eight-hour day) and full robotic integration have been recently launched.

Principles for winning digital health strategies

By Dr T Kaltenbach
In a recent study on digital health in the pharmaceutical industry, management consultancy Arthur D. Little provided an industry snapshot of pharmaceutical companies’ goals for 2020 and their progress so far.

Opportunities for phenotypic screening in drug discovery

By D Swinney
Renewed awareness of the value of phenotypic screening to drug discovery creates many new opportunities to increase drug discovery success and productivity. These opportunities include identification of translational phenotypic biomarkers, development of new assays and refinement of paradigms.

Reconfiguring drug discovery through innovative partnerships

By Dr R Grundy, I James, C Bountra, T Harrison
Attrition rates in drug discovery and development remain stubbornly high, despite large investments by the pharmaceutical industry. The cost of developing a new drug has been estimated at between $1.3 to $4 billion.

In it for the long haul: Vector mediated therapeutics based upon DNA-directed RNA Interference

By Dr David Suhy
15 years after being first described to occur in mammalian cells, numerous trials are indicating that RNA interference can be harnessed to treat human disease. This article argues that positive results are now starting to emerge .

A novel approach by AstraZeneca to monitor primary DMPK assay performance

By Dr C Landqvist, B Middleton, Dr B Jones, Dr C O’Donnell
An integral part of early drug discovery at AstraZeneca is the process known as the Design Make Test Analyse Cycle. DMTA relies heavily on chemical synthesis and primary screening being delivered within a quick turnaround time.

ProImmune Introduces ProM2™ Human Class II MHC Monomer Reagents to Study CD4+ T Cell Immune Responses

January 2015
Enabling proven tetramer analysis for detecting single antigen-specific T cells

Bio-Rad Adds New PrimePCR Assays for Droplet Digital PCR

October 2014
Bio-Rad Laboratories today announced the launch of new PrimePCR Assays for Droplet Digital PCR.

PerkinElmer Launches New AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra Assays

October 2014
Offering Reduces Assay Time By up to 50 Percent and Enhances Detection Process for Life Science Researchers

Bio-Rad’s New ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System Surpasses Film’s Performance, Simplifies Western Blot Detection

September 2014
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. announces the launch of its ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System.

PerkinElmer Launches Innovative Solaris Optical Imaging System

September 2014
Fluorescence Technology for Small and Large Animal Imaging Advances Translational and Preclinical Research Applications

New Atmospheric Control Unit enhances cell-based microplate assays

September 2014
BMG LABTECH now offers an Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) for its latest microplate reader, the CLARIOstar®, providing an ideal “walk away” solution for any cell-based assay.