SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Detection System
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Bioanalysis of Oxytocin
Ultrasensitive Quantification Assay for Oxytocin in Human Plasma Using an LC/MS Microfluidics Platform
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Latest Articles: SPRING 15

Experimental therapeutics for celiac disease and refractory celiac disease

By Dr Francisco Leon and Beth Llewellyn
Celiac disease is a permanent immunological intolerance to gluten proteins in genetically predisposed individuals. In celiac patients, gluten causes a systemic autoimmune disease which starts in the small intestine but spreads to other organs in approximately one half of patients.

Therapeutic Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue Part II: business review

By Dr Stephen Naylor, David M. Kauppi and Judge M. Schonfeld
There is an emerging consensus that the impact of Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue (DRPx) on the pharmaceutical industry is real and sustainable.

A systemic malady: the pervasive problem of misconduct in the biomedical sciences part I: issues and causes

By Dr Gerald H. Lushington and Rathnam Chaguturu
Real advances in biomedical sciences improve our quality of life and save lives, but the path to these advances is cluttered with the distraction of irreproducible results – an affliction that has reached epidemic proportions with much of the problem arising from scientific misconduct.

Precise genome editing: the key to a CRISPR drug discovery pipeline?

By Dr. J. D. Wrigley, Dr J D. W, Dr M Maresca, Dr K Birmingham, Dr M Bohlooly-Y and Dr L M. Mayr
From Watson and Crick to completion of the human genome project in 2003, advances in understanding of DNA have raised hopes its direct manipulation at the level of the genome could revolutionise the drug discovery process.

The Chinese Biologics Drug Market: demand and execution

By Dr Andy Tsun, Jia Li, Joanne Sun, Dr Michael Yu, Dr Yajie Li and Xiaolin Liu
In the past decade, China’s drug market has been expanding in double-digit percentages. This has brought about a huge increase in local drug makers and has lured multinational pharmaceutical companies to develop, manufacture and commercialise their drug products in China.

Time and cost-effective improvements: label-free cell-based assays and the impact of the holistic calorimetry approach

By Dr M Jansson
The cell-based assay arena is becoming ever more significant and is gradually taking centre stage as a direct result of the serious and fast growing medical problems that the world is now challenged with – both curative (ie, antibiotic resistance) and financial (ie, drug development).

Adoptive T-Cell Therapies: unlocking the potential of engineered antigen receptors

By Dr C Sumen, Dr D Williams and Dr G Binder-Scholl
T-cells with engineered receptors to target tumours represent living drugs with enormous potential in the fight against cancer, but many challenges remain to be overcome in order for their full potential to be achieved.

High Throughput Flow: a high content platform for phenotypic screening?

Dr John Comley
Flow cytometry has many of the technology attributes (eg multi-parameter analysis of cell suspensions) needed when attempting to profile a phenotypic drug response.

BioScale Launches New ViBE® Software v3

May 2015
BioScale Launches New ViBE® Software v3 For Use On ViBE Platform To Further Increase Productivity And Cost-Efficiency In Drug Development

Enzo Life Sciences releases an ELISA Plate Reader App for iOS and Android

May 2015
Now you can read your ELISA plate with an iOS or Android tablet or cell phone. Now you can read your ELISA plate with an iOS or Android tablet or cell phone.

New Pre-validated Fluorinated Fragment Library Boosts Drug Screening Efficiency

April 2015
Enhanced NMR screening efficiency designed to save time and cost

ProImmune Introduces ProSentium a Unique Peptide Sequence Database to Investigate T Cell Immune System

April 2015
New service and extensive data collection covers vast range of antigens with high disease relevance

PerkinElmer Expands Liquid Scintillation Counting Portfolio with Launch of Quantulus GCT and Tri-Carb Systems

April 2015
Provide Ultra Sensitivity, Advanced Particle Discrimination and Reduced Counting Times to Enhance Radiometric Measurement Processes

New Transferrin ELISA Kit for the rapid detection of transferrin

March 2015
Enzo Life Sciences, a leading manufacturer of ELISAs, continues to expand its offering with unique targets with the introduction of the Transferrin ELISA kit.