SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Detection System
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Bioanalysis of Oxytocin
Ultrasensitive Quantification Assay for Oxytocin in Human Plasma Using an LC/MS Microfluidics Platform
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Latest Articles: SUMMER 15

Epigenetic Targets : on the verge of becoming a major new category for successful drug research

Summer 2015
Most vendors of epigenetic modification proteins and reagents have enhanced and broadened their offerings in recent years. Of particular note is the increasing range of proteins and binding assays that now support research on the Bromodomains and other reader proteins.

Individualised Systems Medicine next-generation precision cancer medicine and drug positioning

Summer 2015
A growing number of oncology drugs are currently clinically available and more than a thousand compounds are being developed for oncology indications.

Brothers in Arms: BioPharma and CROs collaborating in early drug discovery

By Dr John Montana and Cornelis E.C.A. Hop
BioPharma and CROs are riding the latest wave – discovery research – together with a vigour and gusto that might have seemed implausible five years ago. How these collaborations are structured, and how well they function, can vary widely, though.

The development of cell-based assays for pain drug discovery

By Dr Paul Karila and Dr Charlotta Blom
Since the completion of the Human Genome Project and the beginning of the so-called genomics era in the 1990s, a molecular target-based approach has been the method of choice for drug discovery.

A systemic malady: the pervasive problem of misconduct in the biomedical sciences part 2: detection and prevention

By Dr Gerald H. Lushington and Rathnam Chaguturu
Discovering safe and effective medicines, one of the greatest gifts to humanity, relies intensely upon the availability of detailed, unassailably accurate biomedical scientific knowledge.

Managing data challenges in the new R&D environment

Summer 2015
The discovery and development of drugs is changing. The realm once dominated by ‘big pharma’ is becoming increasingly fragmented into more agile and flexible consortia.

Therapeutic Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue Part III market exclusivity using Intellectual Property and regulatory pathways

By Dr Stephen Naylor, David M. Kauppi and Judge M. Schonfeld
There is a growing consensus that Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue (DRPx) can impact the prescription drug industry for all concerned stakeholders.

Anti-infective immunotherapy for treating hospital acquired infections

By Dr Vu Truong, Dr Nadine Weich, Dr Andreas Loos and Dr Eric Patzer
The frequency of nosocomial (acquired in healthcare facility) pneumonia has experienced a steady increase in recent years, and treatment of these infections has become more challenging and expensive due to the emergence of multi-drug resistant bacterial strains.

ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System Expands the Boundaries of Research

September 2015
Molecular Devices launches a new confocal technology at the speed of widefield imaging.

Cayman Chemical and the University of Michigan Issued US Patent for SAM-Screener Epigenetic Methylation Test

September 2015
The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent to Cayman Chemical and the University of Michigan claiming novel reagents used for screening small-molecule chemical libraries for new drug leads.

Kerafast Partners with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) - Enables Sharing of NCI Research Materials through Kerafast platform

August 2015
Partnership seeks to advance scientific discovery by offering important bioreagents

Proinsulin and Insulin ELISA kits launched

Aug 2015
As a leading manufacturer of ELISAs, Enzo Life Sciences continues to grow its immunoassay portfolio for metabolic research with the introduction of the Proinsulin and Insulin ELISA kits.

BioScale Launches New ViBE Software v3

May 2015
BioScale Launches New ViBE Software v3 For Use On ViBE Platform To Further Increase Productivity And Cost-Efficiency In Drug Development

Enzo Life Sciences releases an ELISA Plate Reader App for iOS and Android

May 2015
Now you can read your ELISA plate with an iOS or Android tablet or cell phone. Now you can read your ELISA plate with an iOS or Android tablet or cell phone.