SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Detection System
See how you can do more with your microplate reader than you ever imagined.
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Bioanalysis of Oxytocin
Ultrasensitive Quantification Assay for Oxytocin in Human Plasma Using an LC/MS Microfluidics Platform
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With synthetic biology, drug discovery is going virtual.

Christopher Voigt
Christopher Voigt is a professor of biological engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his lab focuses on synthetic biology. Two major areas of interest for him are developing a genetic programming language for cells and applying synthetic biology to biotechnology challenges.

Reigniting pharmaceutical innovation through holistic drug targeting

By Dr A Roy, Prof B Patwardhan and Dr R Chaguturu
Modern drug discovery approaches take too long, are too expensive, have too many clinical failures and uncertain outcomes. There are many reasons for this unsustainable business model, but primarily, the approaches are not comprehensively holistic.

The Human Micobiome- a new frontier in drug discovery.

By Lee Jones
There is a new phenomenon sweeping the globe (or at least sweeping the imagination of people around the globe). It is the human gut microbiome and the role it may play in the future of human health.

Epigenetic modulators of histone methylation.

By Dr Michael Thomenius and William P. Janzen
Epigenetics refers to the durable & context-specific regulation of transcription processes. It involves a complex system of enzymes, binding proteins & accessory proteins that control access to the genome by transcription factors & other parts of the DNA replication machinery.

Ion Channels - increasingly enticing targets for drug discovery.

by Dr Douglas Krafte and Deborah Erickson
Drug discovery focused on ion-channel proteins began generating great value for pharmaceutical R&D programmes more than 30 years ago, giving rise to medicines still important in the pharmacopeia for treating human disease.

Ex Vivo versus in Vivo - the challenge of generating meaningful results with traditional cell culture

By Dr James Lim and Dr Fred Aswad
While the use of human cell lines has become a permanent fixture in drug discovery and development, the lingering issue has been in their inconsistent results.

Latest developments in high content screening systems.

By Dr John Comley
High-content screening (HCS) is a well-established approach for the multiparametric analysis of cellular events. Since its first introduction more than a decade ago, HCS imaging systems have continually evolved with greater flexibility and the growing requirements of assays involving complex cellular disease models.

Metabolomics - a playbook for functional genomics

By Dr D Ferrick
If we have learned anything from scientific research in the last 20 years, it is that finding cures to complex diseases is difficult. Despite the promise of the genomic revolution, disease progression and patient outcomes are still not easily predicted by genetic factors alone.

Gilson Launches EXTRACTMAN Magnetic Bead Extraction Platform

Gilson EXTRACTMAN, based on Exclusion-based Sample Preparation technology from Salus Technologies, offers a fast and reliable option to isolate proteins with affinity methods using paramagnetic beads, especially in cases of weak protein interactions or protein interactions with short half lives.

Bio-Rad Announces CE IVD Marking of Its QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

Bio-Rad Laboratories today announced CE IVD marking for its QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System, the first digital PCR system with the CE IVD mark for use as an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) in the European Union.

Bio-Rad Launches ddPCR CHO and E. coli Kits for Direct Quantification of Residual Host Cell DNA

The new ddPCR CHO Residual DNA Quantification Kit and Residual DNA Quantification Kit allow for direct quantification of host-cell DNA impurities in biopharmaceuticals purified from bacteria (E. coli) or mammalian cells without the need for upfront nucleic acid purification steps. The kits are designed for use with Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Systems.

Enzo launches an ultra-sensitive and highly specific Total PSA (human) ELISA Kit

Enzo Life Sciences continues to expand its ELISA portfolio. A leading manufacturer of high quality ELISAs, Enzo continues to invest in developing immunoassays with the launch of their new Total PSA (human) ELISA Kit.

Digoxigenin-dUTP and Digoxigenin-UTP for labeling nucleic acids

Strengthening their position as leaders in labeling and detection, Enzo Life Sciences now offers Digoxigenin-dUTP and Digoxigenin-UTP, digoxigenin-labeled nucleotides that are suitable for a variety of molecular biology applications.

Innova Biosciences Introduces Thunder-Link PLUS

18 January 2016: Innova Biosciences , specialist provider of bioconjugation products and services, today announced the launch of Thunder-Link® PLUS, a new and improved version of the original Thunder-Link kit.