SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Detection System
See how you can do more with your microplate reader than you ever imagined.
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Bioanalysis of Oxytocin
Ultrasensitive Quantification Assay for Oxytocin in Human Plasma Using an LC/MS Microfluidics Platform
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Latest Articles

Data-mining open source databases for drug repositioning using graph-based techniques

By Dr Ken McGarry & Ukeme Daniel
The analysis of ‘Big Data’ has great potential in drug discovery; however complications arise in integrating this data in a principled and coherent way.

Therapeutic Drug Repurposing: Repositioning and Rescue.

By Dr S Naylor & Judge M. Schonfeld
The pharmaceutical industry is still beleaguered by escalating costs, stagnant productivity and protracted timelines as it struggles to bring therapeutic drugs to market. This situation has been compounded by a ravenous generic drug sector, and patients that have morphed into a discerning consumer population.

Immunotherapeutics: the coming of age of cancer immunotherapy as a treatment paradigm

By Dr Jean Pierre Wery
As the oncology drug development landscape has evolved, so too have the processes, methods and equipment used in the fight against cancer. Traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy are still very popular and remain effective methods of fighting the disease as a whole.

Immunoassay Automation: hands-free platforms set to change the workflow in research labs

By Dr John Comley
The automation of immunoassays is not a new trend, but one that has already witnessed decades of innovation. However, in terms of hands-free automated processing of small batches of immunoassays, the potential end-user is fortunate to be presented with an increasing number of choices.

Redesigning therapeutic drug monitoring for the 21st century

By Lewis Couchman
Therapeutic drug monitoring services are a vital part of the pathology laboratory’s remit, providing essential clinical information to guide the management and treatment of a wide range of patients, from those with psychiatric disorders to post-transplantation care.

TMFs become key differentiator for CROs as stakeholders demand better collaboration and access

By Rik Van Mol Drug
R&D outsourcing continues to rise sharply to meet the demands of life sciences organisations’ growing pipelines, but CROs have to keep evolving or more nimble competitors will take their place.

The many roads to cell death: discriminating between apoptosis, necrosis & autophagy

By Dr John Abrams, Dr William G. Telford & Louise Rollins
Cell death is crucial for the proper execution of normal and pathophysiological processes and is ubiquitous in biological systems.

Restucturing Proteomics: the rise of next-generation affinity reagents

By Dr Paul Ko Ferrigno & Dr Jane McLeod
The ability of antibodies to bind their target proteins with some degree of specificity has elevated them to being among the most useful tools in biology and medicine, with a market value of $60 billion.

New Pre-validated Fluorinated Fragment Library Boosts Drug Screening Efficiency

April 2015
Enhanced NMR screening efficiency designed to save time and cost

ProImmune Introduces ProSentium a Unique Peptide Sequence Database to Investigate T Cell Immune System

April 2015
New service and extensive data collection covers vast range of antigens with high disease relevance

PerkinElmer Expands Liquid Scintillation Counting Portfolio with Launch of Quantulus GCT and Tri-Carb Systems

April 2015
Provide Ultra Sensitivity, Advanced Particle Discrimination and Reduced Counting Times to Enhance Radiometric Measurement Processes

New Transferrin ELISA Kit for the rapid detection of transferrin

March 2015
Enzo Life Sciences, a leading manufacturer of ELISAs, continues to expand its offering with unique targets with the introduction of the Transferrin ELISA kit.

BMG LABTECH presents its revolutionary microplate reader technology in Switzerland

March 2015
The microplate reader specialist exhibits at the GLISTEN meeting and Labotec 2015

High Sensitivity Multiplex Immunoassays

March 2015
Affymetrix introduced High Sensitivity Multiplex Immunoassays for human and mouse key cytokines.